Rainwater harvesting

What Are The Benefits Of Rainwater Collection? Rainwater is a relatively clean and absolutely free source of water You have total control over your water supply (ideal for cities with water restrictions) It is socially acceptable and environmentally responsible It promotes self-sufficiency and helps conserve water Rainwater is better for landscape plants and gardens because it is not chlorinated It reduces stormwater runoff from homes and businesses It can solve the drainage problems on your property while providing you with free water It uses simple technologies that are inexpensive and easy to maintain It can be used as a main source of water or as a back up source to wells and municipal water The system can be easily retrofitted to an existing structure or built during new home construction System are very flexible and can be modular in nature, allowing expansion, reconfiguration, or relocation, if neccesary It can provide an excellent back-up source of water for emergencies