Ponds & Waterfalls

George Fox has been a participating member in the Aquascapes water feature design program for ten years. So whether you are looking for flowing water or containing water, call Fox Landscape Designs at 215-295-9111 and we will build the perfect water feature to complete your outdoor space.

What is a Waterscape?

More like a landscape, waterscape is building or enhancing a water feature for aesthetics or practical purposes. What makes the latter different is that it is focused on water. The primary purpose is to bring the beauty and healing power of water right in your backyard. A simple glance at the humble water is already relaxing. Add to that the soothing sound of falling water, and it will be a total cure for the restless soul. You don’t need to worry if you are in Richboro, Warrington, Langhorne, or other Pennsylvania areas where there’s hardly a sight of water. We will create that sight for you with our magnificent waterscapes.

Stunning Water Features for your Home:
There are many waterscapes that you can choose from, like fountains which are classic additions to a landscape. Some fountains are very elaborate, making them good for big areas. Others are simpler, making them your best bet for Zen-inspired gardens.
You can also opt for ponds. They can be small or big, serene or active, and clear or reflective. A reflective pond has dark color, making it looking like filled with underground plants. It’s not murky. The dark water pond color is essential to reflect the surroundings. The reflection creates an illusion that the area is larger than it actually is.