French Drain Installation 

A french drain is an underground pipe system designed to drain water off your property in a sleek and undetectable manner. The unseen French drain consists of a perforated pipe that is buried in a trench surrounded by gravel or other porous materials. The pipe is designed to collect water and redirect it to a designated drainage area, such as a dry well or a storm drain.

Fox Landscape Designs is unmatched when it comes to installation of french drains. Using our own unique method of installation, we guarantee that even your biggest water problem will be cured. With a lifetime guarantee on your drain, there really is no other option.



Grading is an efficient way to drain water away from your home, preventing further erosion. If left untreated, the landscape can become water logged, killing plants and causing harm to the terrain

Fox Landscape Designs offers high-quality grading services guaranteed to solve your home's water issues for a lifetime.

Rainwater Harvesting 

Rainwater is a relatively clean and absolutely free source of water. You have total control over your water supply (ideal for cities with water restrictions). It promotes self-sufficiency and helps conserve water. Rainwater is better for landscape plants and gardens because it is not chlorinated and it also reduces stormwater runoff from homes and businesses. Not only can it solve the drainage problems on your property, it also provides you with free water that can be used as a main source of water or as a backup source to wells and municipal water.

Fox Landscape Designs' water harvesting systems are very flexible and can be modular in nature, allowing expansion, reconfiguration, or relocation, if necessary.